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July 28, 2008


Lindaloohoo - wheresmydamnanswer

don't cry, shopgirl.

ok, so i'm a meg ryan fan. before she got all edgy and butt-nekked.

but i can be your deep-as-a-puddle friend.

we can share lipstick choices (mine is twig from mac) and cyber-chocolate late at night. think of me, your shallow, not so bright friend, doing something silly to make you laugh when you see the end of your rope :-)

i really, really wanted to be at blogher this year. i'm sorry i wasn't there just to meet you.

ciao bella.

ps. i'm not stalking you. really. i think i'm kinda too lazy to be a stalker. ugh, all that effort and work. no, i'm more a redneck with a heart of gold. except, unlike a hooker with a heart of gold, i don't make any money. damn.


As long as your a Blogger or blogher, you are not alone and someone is listening or should I say reading. Chin up, I have many days like these or those. Take care!


It's always a little difficult to go home when you've been having a nice time being away...but it's good, too, being back in a comfortable place. The work part, though? Not quite as fun. :)

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