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June 13, 2008



You hit this right out of the ballpark, Laurie. Thanks for writing it.


This is such a fantastic and honest post, Laurie. I know it must have taken a long time to write and I'm sure you put a lot of thought into it. Thank you.


Thank you thank you thank you to both of you. This was a tough one.

I took the challenge of submitting to this category for the "community keynote" at BlogHer, specifically so I'd finally write this. It's been kicking around in my head for a long time...I've been at a crossroads of sorts in my writing and I've decided to tackle some things I've steered clear of for whatever reason, just to exercise the muscles.

I love feedback. : )



You are such a special woman and have so many incredible gifts to share with this world. Sometimes the purity of your writing just knocks me out. You know I love your kitschy, funny pieces, but this was a thing of beauty. Thanks for sharing such a deeply personal part of you.


I noticed the scar when we met last year at BlogHer and thought, "there's probably a story there," but I never guessed how big. I have a small scar on my lip where a dog bit me and I was sewed back together, and I just guessed it was something like that.

A boyfriend telling you, "I have a thing for symmetry," what the fuck is that? I love how guys will tell you that they buy into the same old generic beauty culture as if it's some sort of cute personal quirk, "I just have a thing for thin blondes," etc. I know because a man I loved very much had a "thing for really thin blondes," and dated me instead, and I never ever felt right about it. Sometimes I wished I had said, "I have a thing for tall men."


P.S. in case my screwed-up comment doesn't show it, I'm impressed by the way you wrote this. It really is good stuff. Wish I was going to see you at BlogHer this year.


Did you win an award for this post? It's truly outstanding and awe-inspiring. Both the expressive writing AND the tremendous sentiment.

It's exactly the kind of thing that helps people put things into perspective and everyone needs that on a regular basis whether their problems are big or small, long-term or fleeting. So thank you for that.

I've never seen your face but, truly, all people should be as beautiful as you are.


I actually find the scar from a cleft lip surgery quite a beautiful thing. There's so much character and story and 'life' hinted at in it. I think the asymmetry is distinctive and interesting and attractive (like a lopsided grin I guess). Joaquin Phoenix's scar only makes him hotter, I think *smile*


Sorry I haven't been responding to these comments! I am a terrible comment responder these days...sigh.

Jen...he was a special sort of honest person. : ) I genuinely think he thought it was the right thing to do, but then again I spent 8 years in his force field so maybe that's just me. In fact, it definitely is just me.

TitanKT My award for writing it was getting to read it in the Blogher community keynote last week. Thank you so much for the VERY nice words - I appreciate them.

Aili - Well, my feelings about acceptance of scars/abnormalities in men vs. woman is another, more militant post entirely. ; ) And although I'd like to think of it as distinctive, interesting and attractive for obvious reasons (haha), responses like yours are in the clear minority. Here's hoping someday I feel differently about it!



i've come by to read this post a few times and for me, it's kind of like looking at the sun.

it is amazing and brilliant and i can only look at it in small doses. someone needs to make sunglasses for the heart.

it is brilliantly written and, even though i wear most of my scars on the inside, you voice things that i could not.

thank you for being you. and for sharing that with us.

oh, and i had a man that i was crazy in love with tell me that i was great from the neck down, but everything above that was a mess. and i didn't stab him. so i think that makes me a good person too.

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