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August 18, 2009



If I didn't not have a kitchen I would lose my damn mind. Not having a good kitchen makes me lose my damn mind. (Ok, I still don't have a truly good kitchen, but the last few years I've had much better kitchens.)

If I actually lived down the street from you I'd share my kitchen with you, even though it would drive us both insane. And I'd steal/delete all copies of August and Everything After from you.

Your blog does not suck. Hmph!

(Also, now I want meatballs. Thanks for that.)


If I *didn't* have a kitchen.

I such at today.


I *suck* at today even. Times infinity.


I'm so glad that I get to see you tomorrow. When people feel this way, I know how easy it is to NOT get together with others and be sociable. Thank you for making an effort.

Suggested topic for tomorrow: What can we do to shake-up our lives?

Maria Niles

Glad you get to see Zan tomorrow. Annoyed that I live across the country.

Your post is helpful to me even if you don't know it and didn't intend it so thank you.

fishing around

You are my current twin.


You can always come use my kitchen.

(Even though you have issues with Virginia)


I'm with you....when I feel depressed the last thing I want to do is workout. But I usually try to force my butt off the couch because I always feel better once I'm done, especially if it's something that makes me feel strong and powerful and in control (and I'm pretty sure your Kickboxing should do that! :-) )

The Cubicle's Backporch

I came over from "Fishing Around" and you put into words how I feel every once in a while. It's been worse since I've been out of a job for 6+ months now.
Having a kitchen is overrated. I always have to clean it after I use it. And that's a pain in my ASS!


Someone once said to me, there is no way out but through. You feel how you feel. Better to feel it than to beat yourself up about it.

Right? Right.

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